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I’m a guy on his fourties from South-Western Finland. I am a father, husband, an embedded software engineer by a profession, electronic enthusiast, hobbyist photographer, cabinetmaker and I like things with four wheels.

This blog was set up to possibly document some various projects and other activities I feel worth telling the other people about. Nowadays I’m playing mostly with ESP32 or NRF52 chips to instrument my home with wireless sensor / actuator network.

Jalkapullo This image was taken at Ruissalo camping area in summer 2009 from my bachelor party to be exact. During that time I resigned from my daily job in my thirties and started to think about what to do next. During that time I also started my studies towards cabinet maker to challenge myself with a passion about perfection. I did start this blog during those days and blog contains some words about woodworking, too.

You can reach me @peimis on twitter.

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